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Step 1: carefully SELECTING cars

At myCar.be we combine our decades of experience in the automotive industry with our extensive network of European purchase channels. Our purchasers are able to select and buy interesting cars on a daily basis.

Here we use one very important rule of thumb: we only buy cars that we would buy for ourselves.

We pay attention to who was the previous owner, which uses the car served and if the maintenance intervals were observed.

All vehicles are accident free and the state will be checked thoroughly by us. In addition, of course, the age, milage, version, options, engine, fuel efficiency and brand reputation are also of extreme importance.

The price is also crucial: we are looking for those vehicles that are good in terms of value for the end customer!

Where do our cars come from?


  • Direct purchasing from European producers and importers due to overstock. Through regular purchases in large volumes, we get very interesting factory prices. We can directly offer this price difference to you without any unnecessary intermediaries.
  • Cars from short lease, eg: European diplomat needs a car for working in Brussels for 6 months. 
  • Demo and company cars, overstock from official brand dealerships across Europe, eg: German car dealership sells its whole stock to achieve a volume bonus.
  • Take-overs due to family expansion, people obtaining a company car, etc…
  • Purchases from companies that are suddenly stuck with a surplus of young vehicles, eg. after a change of management

At myCar.be you are welcome for all types of cars: city car, sedan, coupe, convertible, break, minivan, crossover, SUV / 4x4, sports cars and vans.